About Us

Who We Are

Jamie McCutchen, P.E., Principal

As an engineer licensed in SC, NC & GA, with 19 years’ experience in commercial and residential stormwater design, and current owner of a civil engineering firm, Jamie developed a system for credit submittals assisting property owners to receive tax credits substantially lowering their stormwater utility fees.
Additionally, Jamie sought to invent a surface drain sediment control and water quality device (skimmer) to compliment SW Products ’s business, adding the Marlee Float™ product line to go to market through waterworks and erosion control distributor companies.
For engineering and technical questions, please contact jamie@swproductsus.com.

Barbara Cleland, Client Services

Barbara personally handles sales, client services, and administration within our growing distribution network. Her previous background, working for a waterworks distributor, has helped Barbara in providing exceptional service and she goes the extra mile in meeting the needs of our clients.  For reorder information or if you are interested in becoming an authorized distributor, please contact barbara@swproductsus.com.

Cathy McCord, Office Manager

Contact cathy@swprodustsus.com.

Aron Fowler, Warehouse Manager

Aron has been with SW Products since its inception as an inspector and warehouse manager. He works with our team to keep the Marlee Float™ skimmer inventory and shipping fast and efficient.


Statement of Purpose




As a team, serve our external and internal customers with integrity, respect, trust and openness.
We believe and practice “The Golden Rule”